Digitaaliset telemetriat

Mittausdatan langaton tiedonsiirto koneissa, laitoksissa ja ajoneuvoissa


  • Laitemallit eri soveluksiin
  • Edullisesta yksikanavaisesta nopeaan monikanavaiseen
  • Luotettava ja häiriötön digitaalinen tiedonsiirto
  • Tukee erilaisia antureita (jännite, lämpötila, venymäliuska, IEPE)
  • Synkroninen tiedonkeruu

Edistykselliset telemetrialaitteet tutkimukseen, kehitykseen ja tuotannon testaukseen

Pyörivien osien ja liikkuvien koneenosien mittaamiseen imc tarjoaa sopivimmat telemetrialaitteet. Valikoimasta löytyy laitteita yhdelle mittauskanavalle ja monikanavaisia modulaarisia tai keskitettyjä laitteita. Sovelluksia ovat esimerkiksi momentin mittaus pyörivältä akselilta, venymäliuskojen ja värähtelyn mittaus vaihteistoissa ja moottoreissa, lämpötilan mittaus jarruista junissa ja autoissa. Lähettimet tukevat monenlaisia eri antureita, venymäliuskoja, IEPE-kiihtyvyysantureita, PT100/1000 lämpöantureita, termopareja ja muita.

Customer focus and application support

We offer comprehensive services such as consulting, 3D planning, installation support, calibration, strain gauge applications, customer-specific housings and even individual electronics designs.


Induktiiviset telemetriat lyhyellä kantamalla (alle 50 mm)

Radiotelemetriat keskipitkällä, jopa useamman metrin kantamalla

Telemetriaratkaisut ajoneuvoihin

In Practice


For applications in the automotive industry, imc offers robust and compact wireless telemetry systems for the non-contact transmission of measurement data for torsion, temperatures, forces and vibrations of rotating parts on vehicles.


For use on helicopters and aircraft, imc offers robust radio telemetry systems with up to 64 channels. The systems are specially designed for mounting on rotating parts, e.g., rotors, propellers, wheels or other rotating machinery. All measurements are simultaneous and the signals are digitally transmitted wirelessly. All transmitter electronics are protected from water according to IP65 and the sensors, e.g., strain gauges, thermocouples, PT100/1000 or IEPE are connected via waterproof connectors.


Railway applications require particularly robust telemetry solutions, such as when testing axles, drive, motor and gear shafts or other rotating powertrain components. Up to 256 sensor signals, e.g., strain gauges, thermocouples or vibration sensors can be detected and transmitted simultaneously. The space-saving, non-contact transmission technology simplifies the implementation of the measurement system and ensures the most accurate measurement results.


Our telemetry systems for torque measurements on marine vessels and engines are easy to install and are available in various sizes – matching the drive shaft. Depending on the particular measurement task, single or multi-channel systems can be used. Many powertrain components of ships, such as gear shafts, have been successfully tested with imc telemetry solutions to optimize their performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Mechanical Engineering

Whether on motors and generators, machine tools, rolling mill drives, paper machines, marine drives or wind turbines: these telemetry systems allow for non-contact transmission of measurement variables, such as torque, force, pressure, vibration and temperature. Measurement systems with up to 256 channels and data rates of up to 10 Mbit/s are available.

Wind Energy

For applications on wind energy systems, imc offers flexible telemetry solutions that support users in a wide variety of tasks: whether to measure torsion and bending moments on a wind turbine‘s main or generator shaft or to determine side load, rotor position and blade angle on a rotor blade.

Commercial Vehicles

The demands on modern heavy-equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts and agricultural machinery are high. In addition to robustness, efficiency plays an increasingly important role. When optimizing drive systems, telemetry solutions can help. Measurements such as torque, efficiency, temperature, pressure, traction and bending can be acquired without contact by the telemetry systems.

Test Stands

The telemetry systems are ideally suited for continuous use in test mode. They detect non-contact torques and vibrations on drivetrains, transmit the temperature of brakes, tires and wheels, and record forces on gearbox and clutch test stands. The high data rate of up to 10 Mbit/s ensures reliable transmission, even with dynamic sensor signals.

Complete solution

For holistic testing on vehicles, wind turbines and machinery it is often necessary to acquire  additional measurement variables in addition to the telemetry data. The telemetry solutions allow for a direct connection to imc measurement systems. These instruments provide measurement modules as well as interfaces to typical process and fieldbus systems  for all common signals and sensors. The imc system collects and synchronizes these multi-domain data and allows for further processing and analyzing in real time.
Results can then be passed on to overarching systems such as controllers or cloud data bases via multiple networking options.

Technical Data

applicationone channelone channelone channelmulti-channelmulti-channelmulti-channelmulti-channel
distinctioneconomicaleconomicalflexiblemodularmobilemobil & rotatingmodular
max. channels per transmitter1112/44,8,164, 8, 16, 32, 644+2
max. channels per decoder / system111256166424
data transferinductiveinductiveinductiveinductive / radioradioradioradio
reach35 mm35 mm35 mm50 mm2000 m150 m10 m
resolution16 Bit12 Bit12 Bit16 (18) Bit16 Bit16 Bit16 Bit
power supply
10 - 30 V DC
output (decoder)data acquisition with imc
analog +/- 10Vvia voltage input
CANvia CAN iInterface
Ethernetvia TELDEC interface 
configuration (parameterization)
data rate per transmitter
max. signal bandwidth1.2 kHz1.2 kHz1.2 kHz24 kHz24 kHz24 kHz920 Hz1 kHz
max. sampling rate6.41 kHz7 kHz7 kHz100 kHz62.5 kHz62.5 kHz4.6 kHz5 kHz
max. data rate10 Mbit/s5 Mbit/s5 Mbit/s

measured quantities and sensors
strain gauge bridgesfull / halffull / halffull / halffull / half / quarterfull / half / quarterfull / half / quarterfull / half
PT100/PT1000/ / /
operating conditions
transmitter-40°C … +85 °C-40°C … +85-40°C … +85 (125) °C-40°C … +85 (125) °C-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-40 … +85 °C-40°C … +125 °C
receiver-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-20°C … +70 °C-20 … +65 °C-20°C … +65 °C

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