imc STUDIO Editions

Features Standard Professional Developer
imc STUDIO Setup device configurationja ja ja
Customizing customizing and custom functions for menu and setup parametersja ja ja
Layout Designer extensive customizing, Setup GUI design ja
imc STUDIO Panel multi-page visualization of data, incl. PDF reportsja ja ja
imc Curve Window customizable curve windows, incl. color maps, 3D, bar meter etc.
imc STUDIO Widgets gauges and control elementsja ja ja
Full screen view hidden menus, restricted access (via full screen panels) ja ja
Data Browser management of stored data: browse, search and filterja ja ja
Project management administration and grouping of configurations, templatesja ja ja
Meta data augmenting data with descriptive informationja ja ja
User access control roles and rights management ja ja
Panel control elements interactive launch of actions via control widgetsja ja ja
Sequencer workflow automation ja ja
imc STUDIO Automation real-time test stand automation (1) ja
Custom solutions
External applications launch external code (DLL) & excutables (exe) ja ja
Scripting user code integration; incl. accessing internal functions &
external hardware
imc FAMOS create automated analysis sequences, extensive post processing
imc FAMOS Runtime execute automated analysis sequences (instant post processing)
imc Online FAMOS real-time analysis on data streams (device based platform & license)
imc STUDIO PowerQuality powergrid analysis (EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-30)
imc STUDIO Video synchronized video acquisition
imc STUDIO Monitor multi-client monitoring and visualization
imc SENSORS sensor database integration
Key: ja Included   optional Subset of full feature set  optional Optional extra

The free Runtime Edition can execute, but not modify, configurations created with higher editions of imc STUDIO
(1) : requires additional device based license imc Online FAMOS Professional