imc STUDIO: test & measurement software


imc STUDIO covers the entire test and measurement process.

  • From quick testing to large scale applications
  • From only a few to thousands of channels
  • From mobile testing to test stand and production environments
  • From experienced expert users to well guided operators
  • From setup of autonomous systems to multi-client monitoring of distributed systems
imc STUDIO: test & measurement software


Adaptable software provides as much, or as little, capability as is needed for the test at hand.

  • imc STUDIO Standard & Runtime Edition — configures, displays, reports
  • imc STUDIO Professional — automates analysis and reporting
  • imc STUDIO Developer Edition — allows customizing, and offers control and integration capabilities
imc STUDIO: test & measurement software


Getting results quick requires an intuitive approach towards all configurations & components of the software.

  • Assists and guides through setup and configuration processes
  • Drag & drop functions dominate configuration procedures
  • No programming skills needed
  • Linking test results with meta information (e.g., text, pictures, etc.) for intuitive evaluation and assignment of results
imc STUDIO: test & measurement software


imc STUDIO provides seamless integration of hardware and software solutions. It covers all aspects of test & measurement processes.

  • Test setup, operation, visualization, analysis, reporting, test process sequencing, real-time test stand control
  • Interfaces and plug-ins for third party device integration
  • Supports open standards, e.g. IEC, GBIP, CAN, XCPoE, EtherCAT
  • Supports different data formats, analysis tools and data bases
imc STUDIO: test & measurement software

Open interfaces


  • imc STUDIO Script enables integration of external hardware components, or to write or use private evaluation procedures
  • imc STUDIO provides pre-test integration of additional meta data, real-time I/O, interactivity and post-test storage and analysis