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imc FAMOS - Overview of editions

imc FAMOS is available in four editions, and provides the appropriate scope of functionality for every user.

Editions & 

Free Reader



Data Import ja ja ja ja
imc Curve Window ja ja ja ja
Report Generator ja ja ja ja
Data Browser (1) ja ja ja
Data Analysis   ja ja ja
Macro Editor   ja ja ja
Dialog Editor   (2) ja ja
Data Export   ja ja ja
Project / Pack & Go (1) (2) ja ja
Spectral   ja ja
Video  (1) ja ja
Class Counting   ja
Order Tracking   ja

ja = included;  
(1): Reader includes only viewing functionality;
(2): Standard can open dialogs and projects, but cannot create or alter them.
Note: Pack & Go Projects create self-contained visualization and analysis environments for deployment to imc FAMOS users only.

Free Reader

"I want to be able to read and display data from different sources and create simple reports."


"Visualization is important, but I also need analysis and manipulation, data export and scripting.”


"Visualization and analysis are necessary, but I also deploy stand alone analyses with GUIs for non-experts to use."


"We need analysis tools for a range of physical testing, across the entire company, from power users to novices."


License selections for your entire team
Single UserLicense is assigned to each user's PC
DongleUSB-Dongle can freely be used among different PCs
NetworkLicense can be accessed from any PC on the network from a license pool
Company-wideLicense is valid for all employees within the company
StudentFree license for one year upon presentation of valid student ID