DxUniversal telemetry for up to 24 channels

DX telemetry is a particularly compact and lightweight multi-channel telemetry. Thanks to the universal transmitter module, it can be used flexibly and enables wireless measurements with different numbers of channels and sensor assignments. The possibility of operating up to four transmitters synchronously with one receiver allows for simultaneous acquisition of spatially distributed measurement points.


At a glance

  • channels: 6 - 24
  • signal bandwidth: 0 – 1,000 Hz (with HT)
  • input types: strain gauge, voltage, thermocouples
  • resolution: 16 bit
  • transmission: digital “diversity“ reception
  • power supply: battery, inductive
  • housing: robust and water resistant
  • operating temperature: -40 … +85 (125) °C
  • transmitter dimensions: 45 x 25 x 10 mmm

Universal transmitter unit

The 14 g light and compact DX transmitter unit contains the complete signal conditioning and digitizing for up to 6 channels, as well as an integrated antenna for radio transmission. The module allows for direct connection of different sensor types. Thus, up to four low-voltage signals such as half-bridge, full-bridge or thermocouples can be connected and transmitted, as well as two voltage signals up to +/- 22.5 V.

Receiver unit

A special feature of DX telemetry is that the receiver unit can acquire data from up to 4 transmitter modules synchronously. This allows up to 24 channels to be acquired and transmitted synchronously. As outputs, the receiver offers an Ethernet and a CAN interface as well as analog outputs. The configuration can be done easily via Ethernet and a standard web-browser.

Easy installation thanks to shaft housing

Frequently, Dx telemetry is used to detect the torque of driven axles. Especially for this application, we offer a divisible shaft housing for quick assembly. This housing protects the strain gauge application and the transmitter electronics, already contains the secondary coil for inductive power supply and can be reused.

Flexible power supply

Several flexible solutions are available for supplying power to the transmitter modules: an inductive head or an inductive ring stator allow continuous operation. Alternatively, the use of various battery variants ensures a secure supply for hours (up to days) – also optionally with UPS.


A range of useful accessories round off the Dx telemetry product portfolio. In addition to accessories for the wireless supply of telemetry, various housing solutions for shaft and wheel mounting are available. And for optimum reception, you will find a number of different receiver antennas.

Integrated power measurement

Based on the shaft housing, users also have access to an innovative complete system for measuring the power of rotating components: in addition to the torque, the velocity of the shaft is acquired simultaneously and the power is calculated online from these two quantities. Since the sensors for velocity acquisition are completely integrated within the shaft housing, the robust system can detect angles with no additional stator head.

Temperature measurements on the wheel

The CAEMAX Dx telemetry is a high-precision tool for measuring temperatures and other parameters on the wheels of road vehicles. Robust, easy-to-install transmitter modules make the system ideal for rough applications on the test track.

Wireless wheel speed acquisition

The Dx-Speed system comfortably acquires wheel speeds. The system is simply mounted on the wheel bolts and requires no stator or additional reference point.

Dx-Speed was awarded with the renowned messtec & sensor masters award in the sensor category for its innovative system for wireless wheel speed measurement.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.

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